Social Responsibility

Mingyang has positively responded to the call of the State to cultivate and expand the energy saving ind🐬ustry, clean production industry and clean energy industry, with green development as the mainline of the enterprise. As the leading 💟enterprise in the advanced equipment manufacturing industry at the west bank of the Pearl River, Mingyang takes technological innovation as its leading work; in particular, its excellent offshore anti-typhoon wind turbines have reached the world advanced level. The MySE large wind turbines, which have been developed by Mingyang, represent the green energy conversion. It strives to impose the minimum impact on the environment, and utilizes the energy with the highest rate in the whole product service life cycle, while coordinating and optimizing the operating benefits and social benefits of the enterprise.

Social Welfare

Mingyang insists on the principle of “honest operation and cooperation and mutual benefits” to deal with the inteꦇrest relations with all parties; it makes contributions to the society by serving it through the innovative development, as well as the wealth increase; it positively participates in the social welfare undertaking, and the activities of poverty 🀅alleviation.

Poverty Alleviation by Means of Industry Development and Job Creation

Assist the precise poverty alleviation ဣby virtue of PV and wind power industry development;

Revitalize the northeastern rust belt, create 1,000 job🌃s for local peo♑ple and generate taxes of 100 million RMB for the State;

Extensively absorb the 🍌talents from poverty-stricken areas, and providing a platform for young people to realize their dreams;

Assist staff membersꦑ from poverty-stricken areas to get out of poverty by virtue of creating industry ⛄chain clusters and generating more industrial output.

Public Education

Set up the Hop Project Education Fund;

Design the fund for rewarding excel🧸lent teachers s🍬o as to support the development of the educational industry;

Achieve the cooperation between university and enterprise, and positively pool talentಞed people.

Love and Public Welfare

Set up the Love Foundation to assist the specific poverty-stricken people group🌠s.

The Company has set up its own Youth Volunteers Team, and positively participates in the sociaꦓl welfare and charity undert♑aking.

Green Development

Practജice the green and low-carbon development concept𒀰;

Adhere to dev🔥eloping high-end and new energy equipment industry.

Mingyang Smart E𝄹nergy 2021 ESG report_🌞English version