MingYang Learning And Development

MingYang Learning And Development is a corporate Learning Institution affiliated with Mingyang Group. By adhering to the concept of “studying in practice and practicing in study,” Mingyang University strives to build a team which can face challenges and overcome them. Mingyang University makes full efforts to enhance the operational capa🧜bility of t꧟he Mingyang staff, and gather powerful force so as to realize an output of 100 billion RMB.

Guideline of MingYang Learning And Development:
To create the learning-oriented organization by focusing on Mingyang’s strategy and dev♕elopment.

Orientation of MingYang Learning And Development:
A diffuser of the universal values of new energy;
An undertaker of constructing the learning-oriented organization;
A main channel of excavating human resources.

Talent Concept

We adheres to the idea which puts people first. We establish the neg🌊otiating and co🍬ordinating mechanism featuring the common participation by the government, trade unions and enterprises to est...


MingYang do recruitment with fairness and openness; we firmly believe that talent is the premier resource. As such, we cultivate 🍌and encourage our staff. We recruit high-end talents at home and abroad to build the high-caliber talent team, and by such to provide strong intelligent support for the sustainable development of the enterprise.